Do you like cooking? Try making brownies


Did she use oil in the recipe?

Did she use cinnamon?

Did she use walnuts?

Which tools did she use?
 whisk and spatula
 a frying pan and a blender
 a butter knife, and a fork

What did she use to grease the mold?
 Vegetable Oil

How did she melt the chocolate drops and butter?
 Soaking them
 Steaming them
 Boiling them

What did she do with the eggs, sugar, and vanilla?
 Eat them
 Cook them
 Whisk them together

what is the temperature of the butter when it is added to the chocolate??
 room temperature

Why didn´t she use an electric mixer?
 She does not have one.
 She does not like them.
 She does not want too much air in the mixture.

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