Passive Voice: Recipes

Passive Voice – 1

Flow chart shown below describes the process of making Banana Chips. Study them properly and fill in the gaps using the proper form of verbs given into brackets.

(add, distribute, fry, leave, make, peel, put, remove, rinse, sell, slice, soak)

The flowchart shows how banana chips_____. First the bananas _______  by a special machine and then they ________ in water. Next the clean bananas _________ into a chipping machine where they ________ into thin chips. After they _____. Once they are dry, the banana chips ______ in hot oil in large deep fat fryers. The cooked banana chips ______ from the fryers using a special sieve which allow all of the oil to drain off. The banana chips ___________ (then) to cool. When they have reached the right temperature, spices ______ for extra taste. Finally, the banana chips are packaged ready to ______ around the world and _____.

key passive voice recipe

How do you prepare your favourite dish? Tell us your secret recipe!

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3 Responses to Passive Voice: Recipes

  1. Rishita says:

    Thank you so much………

  2. difegio says:

    it is nice to work passive voice

  3. SeartyBloom says:

    The correct use of the passive voice is essential to academic success paper, as it is one of the main features of all official documents. Previously, we reviewed some basic grammar rules that everyone should remember and today we focus on the passive voice because it is widely used in the scientific literature.

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